Nude Shoes

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For Andy Katz, 2017 proved to be a life-changing year. He had to put major parts of his life on hold to deal with his mental and physical health. No one knew it, but he fell into a relapse. He was battling through the worst flare-up he’s had since being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 14 years prior. Between surgeries and rounds of new medication, he teamed up with Pat Risi of Bear Away Studios to write his first EP for his new project, Nude Shoes.

Through Pat, Andy was teamed up with guitarist Billy Butka, and the two of them were able to gather Chris Steele, Sean Lavery, Tyler Patchell, and Giulio Bozzone to complete the Nude Shoes family and take on the scene."

Nude Shoes group shot
The Band

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